Our Story

This is a generation of permanent nomads. Our’s was the beginning. When we first moved to Pune, we were all by ourselves trying to get the best with least outflows. We used to buy second hand furniture, equipments and even cycles, always trying to push BIG expenses to the future. Today’s generation also shows the same trait, although due to different reasons – they want new designs, styles, flexibility in everything they use – furniture, laptops, Gyms, and the like. We even got toys for our children from a rental library. This is when we were able to connect the dots and discern that leasing as an option is superior to buying second hand goods.

While we were brewing our plans, there was another set of nerds who were thinking along the same lines – Student Housing & Co living companies who wanted to create a better living experience for students and working professionals.

We started working with these companies to steadily see our visions unfold and slowly have spread our presence to more than 6 cities and 90+ properties under our management. Leasing of IT equipments followed through along with Cloud/Commercial Kitchens.

What helped us through all this was our intent to create the best quality product and offer it in a way that makes it affordable to our customers and end users.

This is just the beginning. We will share how our story unfolds at …..

our offering

Today A2zOnRent calls its offering “Product as a Service”. We follow a DMDM (Dum Dum) model – Design Manufacture Deploy Maintain. This is a model where we design products to suit customer’s requirements, manufacture them to suit customer’s budgets, deploy at site and maintain through the lease period. A2zOnRent promises uptime SLAs, upgrades and even disposals thereby completely eliminating customers’ pain points and enabling them to focus on areas imperative for their growth.


A2zOnRent offers a comprehensive range of furniture befitting interior design requirements, ranging from the functional in-room furniture to outdoor furniture for common areas. We also provide soft furnishings, white goods, fitness equipment, recreation products and more.


Apart from office furniture A2zOnRent provides laptops, desktops, printers, scanners, projectors and other products needed by IT companies and other SMEs to run their operations.


This segment has an exciting journey ahead with growth in F&B driven by cloud kitchens. A2zOnRent offers newly designed commercial kitchens suited for various cuisines and capacity requirements. We take care of complete kitchen design and fabricate all kitchen equipments as per customer’s requirements.

Meet our team

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Jagminder is the Cofounder and CEO of A2zOnRent. He carries more than two decades of experience in managing teams of 180+ people. He is a sports enthusiast and loves playing Basketball and Volleyball in his spare time.

Jagminder Sehrawat

Co Founder

Sales, Marketing and Technology

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Babita is the Cofounder and heads operations for A2zOnRent. She is an Architect and is key to all designs created by us especially for Commercial Kitchens. She is known to be a task master which helps us deliver all orders in time with utter perfection.

Babita Jain

Co Founder


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