UV sanitizer

Our take on Coronavirus situation!

Covid Times & 'The New Normal'

The new normal – everyone is talking about it. What is it really? There are no rules and no specific steps to follow. It's more of a theme – to accept the changes and to evolve – no matter what the situation. For now, that means getting back to life, accepting that the Corona Virus is a part of our present reality, and it might be for the foreseeable future. Let's accept it, and evolve accordingly.


This new normal lifestyle requires us to incorporate preventive and precautionary measures that will ensure our safety, as well as those of the people we impact – clients, customers, employees. Introducing the Contactless UVC Sanitizer – a machine designed to disinfect food, grocery items, e-commerce packages, laptop, office bags and much more in UNDER 2 MINUTES.

The Science

Ultraviolet C (UVC) light is known for its capability to disinfect surfaces and water. Studies suggest that UVC-based sanitisation kills 99.9% of the germs and viruses including the COVID-19 strain. In line with these studies and practical applications across hospitals, the Contactless UVC sanitizer was designed.



How to operate?

This commercial grade UV sanitizer. All it needs is a platform to place it and a power point within a distance of 1 meter to supply power to the device.

This Sanitizer is operated by a mobile app – available in both Android and iOS phones and uses Bluetooth functionality. To operate it,

  • Use the app to open the door
  • Keep the package in the box
  • Use the app to close the door
  • It takes approximately 2 minutes to sanitize the package
  • Is there a alert once sanitization is done? Pls write here
  • Open the door and take off the sanitized package

Best For

  • Offices & Commercial premises
  • IT parks
  • Restaurants & Delivery kitchens
  • Housing societies
  • Malls & Shopping complexes


  • UV Light: Type C CFL 254 nm radiation
  • Power: 360 watts
  • Operating Voltage: 230 V AC
  • Time Required to sanitize: 2 minutes
  • Sizes of the sanitisation box: Comes in two sizes
Sanitization Use Case Internal Dimensions Power Consumption
Food parcels, small and medium sized e-commerce packages 50 x 40 x 30 cms 60 Watts
Food parcels, small, medium and large e-commerce packages, laptop bags etc. 90 x 60 x 50 cms 80 Watts

Frequently asked questions

Which items can be sanitized? +
Any food parcel, grocery bags, couriers, laptop bags and anything more specific from daily usage.
Are the treated contents safe for human consumption? +
Yes, this product is completely safe. The contents treated with the sanitizer are completely safe for human consumption. You can use this sanitizer to sanitize food delivery packages, grocery packages etc. It uses UV C light that kills COVID 19.
What are the safety features? +
The sanitizer construction and contactless operation is designed for utmost safe operation. Here are some of the safety features:
  • Contact less operation ensure no virus exposure.
  • FDA approved technology.
  • The equipment starts the sanitization ONLY after the door is completely closed.
  • It comes with an app to facilitate contact less operation.